Turn Your New Year Resolutions into Goals--and Achieve Them!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between people that achieve their goals and those who don’t?

I believe that the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is their mindset. Setting our goals with mindfulness and intention helps us create a positive mindset that activates our heart, helps us to visualize with details, and makes us believe beyond doubt that we can achieve our resolutions.

My New Year Resolution Workshop is designed to guide you through setting intentional, achievable goals.

My Personal Invitation

Patricia Palma Walsh

Certified Meditation Coach

What do we aspire to for 2021?

Now is the time we start thinking about setting our New Year’s resolutions.

Whether we want to improve our health, increase our mindfulness, work on our relationships, or achieve a better outcome at work, we set our goals with the hopes that they come true. However, how often do we really attain them?

Research shows that only 9.2% of people accomplish their goals.

This workshop will teach you mindfulness techniques to set and achieve your New Year resolution goals.

Pachika Meditation Studio in Fayetteville AR

Turn Your Wishes Into Goals

Pachika Meditation Studio in Fayetteville AR

Set Achievable Goals

Pachika Meditation Studio in Fayetteville AR

5 Steps to Achieve your Goals

New Year Resolutions Workshop

During this workshop, we will review an effective method for setting achievable goals to accomplish your big dreams!


You’ll join instructor Patricia Palma Walsh – a Certified Meditation Coach with over 20 years of experience–in an online goal-setting workshop.

Duration:   1.15 hours
When:         January 15, 2021
Time:          4 to 5.30 pm

You’ll learn to:

  • Turn your dreams into goals
  • Set achievable goals and deadlines
  • Track your progress
  • Stay engaged in the process of achieving your goals

Cost: $37

Price: $ 37.00