ASK. What is the most loving way I can live my life?

These are questions I intend to inspire you to contemplate on. When you read the question, what do you think about? I am interested in knowing what message comes to your mind, what feelings you experience, and what actions you will take. Then, I invite you to read my blog to find out the meaning that I intended. Do our thoughts match or are they different?


You have probably heard about the trendy term Self-Care, but why is it important? And, what does love have to do with it?

We are always doing something for others. It could be working at our regular jobs, helping a friend or a family member, or assisting others in general. When was the last time you did something just for you? When was the last time you practiced just being?

It has become harder and harder for us to stop for few minutes and do absolutely nothing. Why do we need to be forced or completely exhausted to stop and take a few minutes for ourselves? Many times, it feels almost selfish to slow down, to focus, and look within. The lack of care for oneself creates stress and can cause negative effects on our mental and physical health.

Enter self-care. Practicing self-care enhances your personal well-being. by giving yourself permission to take time to relax, decompress, contemplate positive feelings, observe your emotions, and connect with your body.

By practicing self-care, you will increase your energy, mental clarity, inner peace, and happiness. Also, it will help you to support others better and be more productive at work. To practice self-care, you can choose from many different activities. But, some of the most accessible and easy methods are meditation and mindfulness.

The Pachika Method

At Pachika Meditation Studio, we teach a meditation method that can help you to take care of your mind, heart, and body in ways that benefit your emotions and well-being. We invite you to pause and ASK:

  •   How is my body feeling?
  •   How can I help my heart?
  •   What am I feeling right now?
  •   What are my intentions?

By learning to contemplate questions regularly, you will increase your mind-body-heart connection which will help you manage your emotions and dedicate time to love yourself a little bit more. Practicing meditation and contemplating positive thoughts will help you to appreciate your self-worth. (HOW?) As soon as you start practicing, you will begin to see the difference and crave more self-care. (What if I don’t? What will that look like?)

Live your life by loving yourself first.