"The energy of mindfulness has the element of friendship and loving kindness in it." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Classes focused on slow and deep breathing to relax the mind and body

Mindful Art Class

Mindful Art

$15 - all supplies provided

Utilize all of your senses while creating art in order to be in the present moment. Each class will begin with a brief discussion and instruction, followed by a meditation, then we create!

Some of our Class Offerings:

Drawing the breath/ Color
Resist Painting
Meditation Doodle
Water Colors
Vision Board



QiGong is one of the world’s most popular methods to improve health and vitality because of its attention to posture, movement, breathing, and mindfulness. The practice of QiGong, which is a form of meditation, involves movements that are similar to Tai Chi, though simpler, as well as relaxed breathing and mindful attention.

It imparts mental calm, mild exercise, and activation of the body’s healing ability.

This class promotes mind/body balance, renews your energy, and gives you the opportunity to learn about this Chinese exercise system focused on enhancing and harmonizing the vital force (Qi).

 Jack guides you in awakening, cultivating, and refining your own natural healing and intuitive abilities.

Biography of Jack Kayser:

Jack Kayser has been a practitioner of Qigong for ten years and of yoga and meditation for over 40. He is a certified Qigong Group Leader from the Spring Forest Qigong Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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