RECEIVE. Are you aware of your abundance?

When we hear the word abundance, we think about our finances right away. However, there are many other areas in which we can experience abundance, such as, love, health, vitality, or happiness, among other things that we can feel but cannot touch.

The Source of Abundance

Money and financial peace are a meaningful part of our lives because they are tangible. But, connecting to the stream of abundance in less visible arenas could lead to our overflowing in all areas of life. The question is, how can we increase our abundance? Sometimes the simplest things are the most challenging to accomplish.

Everything inside and around us is energy. Our brain, heart, and body are continually generating power. The thoughts are pure energy working to help us move forward or to set us back. Have you experienced the desire to do something and then have your mind tell you “you can’t because…?” That is what we call fears, and those fears paralyze us and stop us from receiving which create blocks.

Unleash the Flow

The first step to removing those blocks is to identify them, understand why we have them, and then work to unlock them to free ourselves from limitations. It’s a simple process that requires dedication, practice, and consistency.

These are some suggestions that can help to remove blocks and receive an abundance of joy and prosperity:

Write Affirmations

Use this simple exercise to shift your thoughts. Write down what you want. Be sure to use positive language and read it aloud as often as possible. Your subconscious will eventually accept it as truth. Here are some to get you started. 

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

What are the words that you speak over yourself in your thoughts? What is your own message? Our thinking dictates our actions and behaviors, and they can create barriers in our lives. If you want to change them, you need to be aware of them first.

Move Your Energy

The root cause of your blocks is energy that needs transformation. When you set your purpose for healing, such as releasing blocks to receiving, the healing power automatically follows your intention. You can practice QiGong, Tai Chi, or have a Reiki session to help to transform your energy.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation is the act of contemplating, observing, noticing what is happening inside of you by focusing on the abundant air that you breathe.

Release Abundance

In this holiday season, take time to contemplate on what’s holding you back and how to move forward and leave your fears behind. Once you open space within and connect with your true self, the abundance will flow in your life like never before.

Consider Pachika for your New Year resolutions, and if you’re ready to increase your abundance and manifest your desires, check the classes we offer that can help you to achieve those goals.

Increase your awareness to receive abundance.

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