"Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity"
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Classes focused on slow and deep breathing to relax the mind and body


Deep Dive Meditation class

Deep Dive Meditation

Instructor: Patricia
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Emotions, be they angry, peaceful, anxious, sad, or happy, activate your nervous system to release chemicals into your bloodstream that can pull your focus and energy away from other matters. When emotions are that strong, we may be tempted to label them the “enemy.”  Refusing to accept how you feel only postpones the inevitable; every emotion you deny will always return, trying to convey important information.

Join us as we take a deep dive into our emotional state and start the healing process through meditation.

Topics that we cover are:

Opening to Love and Gratitude
Breathing and Stretching
Defining Intention and Purpose
Practicing Forgiveness
Building Self-Trust and Personal Integrity
Visualizing and Manifesting Dreams


Yoga Classes in Fayetteville AR

Adaptive Yoga

Instructor: Brandy
Wednesday & Friday
10am - 11am

This class is designed to provide an engaging environment for people with a varied range of motion. Classes will utilize props, such as chairs and cushions, as needed to help you build stability and flexibility.  The small group setting will create a safe space that can tailor an effective practice to your needs.

Private Mindful sessions for special needs

Gentle Alignment

Instructor: Brandy
Tuesday & Thursday
5:30pm - 6:30pm

These general yoga classes offer mindful movement, breath work, and a progressive muscle relaxation. Classes flow through yoga poses, take time to align posture and offer chances to build strength and increase mobility. Designed to help clients de-stress, revitalize and function for their full potential

Yoga Classes in Fayetteville AR

Sunrise Yoga

Instructor: Jess
Tuesday & Thursday
6am - 7am

A great way to greet the sun and the arrival of a new day. By being aware of the rhythms of the natural world and practicing as the sun rises, we tap into our own natural rhythms too.  Many of us are so caught up in the world of technology and work that we forget we too are a part of nature and this morning routine is a reminder of our more natural state.

Sun Rise Yoga is a less intensive form of yoga that’s perfect for all–wake up your body and mind while connecting with your breath. Sun Rise Yoga is easy to learn in an intimate setting.  Small class sizes allow for instructors to assist and guide you through an early morning gentle stretch routine.

Prenatal Yoga Class Near Me

Prenatal Yoga

Instructor: Beckah
6 pm - 7 pm

Prenatal yoga is a gentle and mindful yoga flow designed for expecting mothers. The intentional movements in this class will help mothers connect to their breath and to their growing babies. This class will focus on relaxing breathing exercises, restoring postures for the body and mind, and creating special intentions for birth and new babies.

Qoya Yoga Class near me


Instructor: Zee
3pm - 4:30pm
At first glance, Qoya is a mix of yoga, dance and feminine movement to embody the woman who is Wise, Wild and Free; but, it’s much more than that!

Come experience the first Qoya classes available in Arkansas with Zee Kirk, certified Qoya teacher, and step more fully into yourself as we breathe, stretch, circle, dance to the rhythm of our heartbeat, practice our yoga as prayer, embrace our whole selves, shake off what doesn’t serve us, and embody our full feminine beings, aligning our minds, bodies and souls through movement with intention.

These classes are for women 18 and up, all shapes, sizes and ability levels are welcome–you don’t have to know how to dance or do yoga to benefit from Qoya. There are no levels and you can’t get it wrong!


Instructor: Jack
6 pm - 7 pm

This class will provide a thorough introduction to the practice of Qigong, which is a form of meditation. Qigong involves movements which are similar to Tai Chi, though simpler, as well as relaxed breathing and mindful attention. The practice imparts mental calm, mild exercise and an activation of the body’s healing ability.

Jack Kayser has been a practitioner of qigong for 10 years and of yoga and meditation for over 40. He recently earned a Qigong Group Leader Certification from the Spring Forest Qigong Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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