BELIEVE. Do you dream awake?

Some people think that we achieve what we want by working hard to get it. Other people believe that it’s pure luck when what we want and what we get line-up with each other. Have you ever desired something so fiercely that it came true? Have you ever dreamed aloud about something that you thirst for and then it happened? What do you envision is the best approach to achieving what you want?

Dream Awake

The world is full of theories and explanations on this topic. But, at Pachika Meditation Studio, we believe that the profound desire to achieve something originates in the heart. And, that you can learn how to apply it to move your dreams from thoughts, into reality. We also believe that if you take time to look inside, to relax, and to listen to your inner voice, you create higher possibilities of achieving your goals. How?

Steps to Achieving What You Want

We believe that the first step towards achieving what you want is to be open to positivism. Then, it’s vital to develop a practice with a tool that allows a re-training of the mind to transform old patterns and beliefs. This tool could be meditation, yoga, Qigong, hypnosis, as well as other mindfulness exercises. This practice will bring clarity of mind which will help with defining the intention. Defining what you want is one of the most important and determining factors. Why? Because when we set our mind towards a goal and focus on how to reach it, the emotion and intensity of the desire move the body to lead us toward the right path of achieving goals. That is the power of our thoughts.

To learn more about how to achieve what you want, take our Deep Dive Meditation class. During this practice, we cover all the steps to moving your dreams from a place of thought, to becoming achievable, and into existence using these steps:

  • Opening to Love and Gratitude
  • Breathing and Stretching
  • Defining Intention
  • Practicing Forgiveness
  • Building Self-Trust
  • Manifesting

The Power of Your Thoughts

It brings joy to our hearts when people say that Pachika looks exactly how we described it would while dreaming awake. We always believed in our minds that the studio was a reality. We could visualize ourselves welcoming people, teaching classes, walking around the garden, and transforming lives by teaching how to dream awake and achieve desires.

We invite you to believe that everything positive you set your mind to is achievable.

Dream and believe always.