“To Bring Awareness of the Benefits of Slow Breathing"

"My teachings are based on personal experiences when I have transformed my life. After studying different variants and styles of meditation, I developed The Pachika Method with the intention to teach others what have helped me so much. I hope that you take the time to slow down today. Thank you for visiting Pachika.com." Patricia Palma Walsh

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About Us

Pachika Meditations is a socially conscious corporation in the state of Arkansas, United States, founded by Patricia Palma Walsh in 2014. The company is focused on teaching breathing techniques to reduce stress, improve health and well-being, and to increase productivity. Pachika teaches mindfulness exercises that empower students to develop greater confidence and awareness about their mind, body, and heart. Students learn how to direct their thoughts to positive outcomes and achieve desired goals.

The Pachika Method instructs students on therapeutic breathing techniques to improve health and enhance relaxation. Slow and deep breathing brings many health benefits such as improved cardiovascular function, increased blood oxygenation, and promotes a deeper sense of calmness. The “Pachika Method” uses analytics to guide individuals and show their improvements in the meditation practice. Pachika partners with innovative and cutting-edge companies that have developed devices to track physiological changes before, during, and after meditation sessions. Looking at brain activity, breathing cycles, and heart rate is an excellent way to track levels of relaxation and determine areas for improvement.

Pachika offers private meditation sessions, workshops, and retreats.